Start a community
on a journey towards Jesus

What is a Discovery Bible Study?

Discovery Bible Study (DBS) is a simple framework to help a group begin a journey towards Jesus together.

No two DBSs will look alike but here are the three key elements:


A meal can be one of the most important elements of a DBS because of the way it can foster a ‘normal’ environment. Whether having pizza in your dorm, making a BBQ in your backyard, or meeting at a cafe, food has a way of creating community.


Fellowship in a DBS is cultivated by raising four specific questions. These questions can be raised at the dinner table, living room, or wherever your group has settled.


DBS helps individuals begin to follow Jesus wherever they are in their spiritual journey. This is done through a few simple steps that include reading the scripture in bite-size pieces and trying to obey it together.

Who is DBS for?

They are for anyone, anywhere who wants to discover and follow Jesus in community. It is specifically made to foster a safe and empowering environment for anyone involved, regardless of whether they know Jesus or not.

Where can it be done?

DBS’s are being done in universities, workplaces, and homes across the world. They can be done anywhere you can gather people. They are growing fastest in the underground church in Asia. 

Jesus invited 12 people to follow him while they were still discovering who he was. In the same way, DBS invites people to discover Jesus in community.

Start your journey today.